Cheapest Countries to Visit from Pakistan

Have you been planning for a vacation outside the country for quite some time now? But you have been afraid that if you cannot afford it and it is out of your budget. Let us help you there and guide you regarding the cheapest countries you can visit from Pakistan even on a tight budget.

Travel and tourism has succeeded by leaps and bounds in the previous few years. You will be glad to know that Pakistani tourism is going through a very promising phase and the tourism sector of Pakistan is attracting many foreign and regional tourists every year.

We all know how beautiful northern areas of Pakistan are and how much enjoyable the trips there can be. But to those who want to travel outside the country and explore now civilizations have to think twice before even thinking about making a plan. There are always several packages and best vacation options available at travel agents, you can always check them up and see if something comes in your budget but if you want to decide for yourself the country you would like to travel to, on a tight budget, this article can surely help you out.

Travelling to another realm of the world can be anyone’s dream and only a few are able to fulfill them. Let us suggest you a few countries that would cause minimum on budget, have amazing tourist destinations and you can go see them even on a tight budget.

1. Iran

Did you know that Iran is one of the cheapest currencies in the world? Well, if you didn’t before, you do now. This Muslim country can be one of the cheapest traveling destinations if you want to travel from Pakistan and if you are thinking that because it is one the cheapest tourist destination and it won’t have much to offer when it comes to awe-inspiring landscapes, we would suggest you to think twice. Iran offers you with one of the strongest built infrastructures mind-numbingly beautiful landscapes. Huge currency gap can be very beneficial to the Pakistanis travelling to Iran. The destination can be visited under the budget of 1 lac easily from Pakistan.

2. Thailand

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world. Most of the people out there choose Thailand for their honeymoon destination and never has anyone regretted that decision. Thailand offers you with the most scenic views amazing beaches along with great food. Even shopping in Thailand is not very costly and you will come back with numerous shopping bags if you plan on going to the heart of Southeast Asian Countries.

Thailand is always on the bucket list of most of the youngsters out there and if you think you cannot go their because it would cost too much expense. You can also look for amazing travel packages from PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs and decide for yourself. If you choose Thailand as your travel destination, we assure you that you won’t regret the experience you will have there. We would like to inform you that you can travel to this country under the budget of 1 Lac.

3. Malaysia

Another tourist destination that offer you with obscene beauty and numerous inspiring landscapes. It is the heart of tourist destination, one that you can definitely visit from Pakistan on a budget. Malaysia offers you an insight into diverse cultures and a glimpse of fairy tale like natural beauty, landscapes and beaches that are just too perfect to be true. Not to mention, it can also drive you into the craziness of shopping and you fall in love with Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi.

You can visit Malaysia under a very cheap budget because they offer packages that are always under your expense. You can sort that out with the best travel operators in town; PAK ALHARAMAIN TRAVEL & TOURISMs is here to help you arrange your trip to Malaysia.

4. Sri Lanka

Another one of the cheap destinations from Pakistan that we are talking about today. Travel to Srilanka and witness the greenery and scenic views by your own eyes. It is an Island situated in the Indian Ocean and has some extremely lovable residents. The community there is so friendly that they make you feel at home. It has some great outdoor activities to offer you along with some great beaches.

SriLanka has deep forests and a diverse wildlife, so if you happen to be someone who loves to witness wildlife by their naked eyes, Srilanka is a go-to destination for you. Sri Lankan rupee is less than Pakistani rupee, giving you an advantage of experiencing a luxurious trip in a minimum budget.

5. Azerbaijan

Another traveling destination that you may want to consider. You can travel to this country under the budget of 1 lac and witness the beautiful monuments it offers. Travelling to Azerbaijan is highly economical and you will enjoy very part of your trip. The country is rich in different cultures and natural landscapes. You won’t be able to fathom the beauty of Azerbaijan and it will definitely leave you in awe.

So, we hope that this article is able to help you pick out your tourist destination. Just because you have a minimum budget, doesn’t mean you don’t get to experience the beauty this world has to offer. Let us know if this was helpful in the comments below.

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